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Defeating Evil


This is a Geocaching Log Post. For more information of Geocahing see this post or visit the Geocaching Website.

So today is the day! Today is the day that Good will defeat Evil(GC190EK) … Or at least GeoGranolaMom will!

I had to mentally prepare myself for this cache. I used to do crazy things like this when I was a girl. I was a Tom Boy that wouldn’t think twice about it. But with age comes knowledge and sometimes with that knowledge comes fear. Like that little bit of dread and fear when you are about to ride a roller coaster after learning all the physics.

My biggest fear about this cache is not the smell, cold, or darkness. It is the possibility of snakes. I used to love snakes, but lately a sort of phobia has started to emerge. But as I think about all the fears, Morgan pops into my brain. Morgan was my Cleric of Ra from a DnD game we played in college. She was a brave powerful creature though sometimes naïve. Part of the way through the campaign, she became half golden dragon and by the end a full dragon.

I start to channel Morgan, in part she was modeled after me. So I pack my bags, three towels, a change of clothes and shoes, and my GPS loaded with the cache. Lastly, the Crown of Light and the Ra’s Rod of Light are packed into my bag. I think I will also take Seviss Vaa’s walking stick with me. Seviss Vaa was my husband’s character that ultimately became Death at the end of the campaign. So maybe just his walking stick will keep all other Evil at bay for fear of dealing with Death.

So channeling my DnD Character, we embarked after this cache. We arrive at the park. I loaded up like a pack mule and GeoHubby has the GeoSquish strapped to his front and the diaper bag to his back. We start down the trails to realize it is quite a bit of a walk and GH forgot my lunch in the car. We look at the map to find a better parking location and then send GH and GS back to move the car and get my lunch.

GeoAlly and I continue on our way. It was a long hike, but a peaceful hike that was getting me in the zone. I start to feel like I might be on a spirit quest. As I am nearing GZ, some muggles are gathered with Little Caesar’s Pizza. Oh the smell is yummy. No must keep my mind in the game.

I reach GZ and wait. I wait for GH and GS to rejoin me. I wait for kovuisking to show up. I slowly start to psych myself out. God, why am I doing this? Ra’s Rod of Light isn’t working in this muck and I’m not getting anything out of my recon work. Gah, what if there are snakes in there?

GeoAlly Waiting with Me

GeoAlly Waiting with Me

Finally, everyone is there. Ok I’m going to do this. I decide to wade instead of plunge in. Holy Mother of Mercy! It is cold! There are spiders hanging from the ceiling. GeoSquish, are you sure you don’t want to nurse, before I do this? No… OK…

Getting Prepared

Getting Prepared

I have my Crown of Light, Ra's Rod of Light on my shoe, and Seviss Vaa's Walking Stick

I have my Crown of Light, Ra’s Rod of Light on my shoe, and Seviss Vaa’s Walking Stick

I'm smiling but not for long

I’m smiling but not for long

Going In

Going In

Oh Damn it is COLD!

Oh Damn it is COLD!

You can do it.

You can do it.

Breath and go!

Breath and go!

Holy Mother of Mercy! It is Cold! But I can do this!

Holy Mother of Mercy! It is Cold! But I can do this! – Picture by kovuisking

GeoSquish Waiting for Mommy to get the never to go in.

GeoSquish Waiting for Mommy to get the nerve to go in.

Why did I wait? Now everyone is laughing at my whining. So I whine when I don’t like something. Doesn’t mean I don’t get it done. All right, I’m going for it. I start down the tunnel feeling with my feet. Is that crap I see floating? Come back out… kovuisking, where is that stick you had? I try to sweep the crap out. It doesn’t work.

Waiting on mommy to find the cache

Waiting on mommy to find the cache

I got back in. I reach the drop down point. Please don’t tell me it is down the other tunnel. I really don’t want go in there. I start to feel the panic rise. Kovuisking gives me a gentle nudge, so I don’t have a panic attack. I search some more. Then it happens. Then I learn the Evil, Evil truth to this cache. Oh so Evil! Oh should have trust my gut. My GeoSense was telling me something about that spot when I came across it.  Oh how kovuisking is laughing and I want to punch him so hard.

I pull the cache from the depths of its hiding place. I dry off my arms and hands. I open the cache and sign the log. I leave behind many TBs. I complain some more for the fun of it. I place everything back into the cache and make sure it is sealed tight. I send that cache back into the depths from which it came! Too bad, I didn’t have anyone else to send back into the depths to return it.

Evil has been defeated!

Evil has been defeated!

Retrieving the Log

Retrieving the Log

I try to wash the grit out of the shoes. It didn’t really work, so I end up taking my shoes off and drying my feet. I try to dry the other parts of me off. Then I load back up and GH leads us out of the woods back to the new parking spot of the GeoSoul!

Trying to wash off my shoes!

Trying to wash off my shoes!

Was the water cold? Yes. Was the water murky and gross? Yes. Was it smelly? Not really, but maybe that is just because I have changed so many diapers lately. Oh, the adventure was fun. Oh, how I cannot wait to guide some other unsuspecting soul into the depths on their spirit quest to defeat Evil!

My opinions of this evil cache!

My opinions of this Evil cache!

A few hours after arriving home… I check the answering machine. I find this on my answering machine at around the time I was going into Evil…

For a while now, I have been getting calls from a water treatment company, but I haven’t been answering them and they haven’t been leaving messages. The number on my Caller ID that matches the message time is from the water treatment company. Did Evil know I was coming? Was Evil stalking me without me knowing? Was Evil taunting me at home?


One Day Without Shoes


Today, TOMS shoes is putting on One Day Without Shoes. I found out about the event from Kanelstrand.

What is One Day Without Shoes?

“The day we spread awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life by taking off our own. Why? Millions of children live without proper footwear, exposing them to injury and disease every day.”

I made a T-shirt late last night! Using some of the slogans from and I traced my bare feet!


“One Day Without Shoes”


“Go Without Shoes So Kids Don’t Have To!”

So, today I am not wearing shoes at all!

I walked my dog this morning without shoes and stepped on some nettles. Sad smile

I have not been home since 11:00am this morning all without shoes. I have gone to appointments, class, a warehouse and my friend’s house. I have even drove illegally (It’s against the law to drive without shoes on). Why would I do this? Because a lot of children are at risk of diseases, all because they do not have shoes.

Here is my day without shoes:


Preparing to go out into the world!


Locking up before leaving my home!


Getting into my car!


Waiting at the doctors office!


During my appointment!


At my friend’s house before class!


In the warehouse parking lot!


At school!


At my friend’s house after class waiting for Dinner and Glee to start!

My day is only part of the way done, so check back for an update of photos for the rest of my day!



Sneak Attack from Steph!


My Hubby and I finally see each other after a long day!


But I was still spending time with Steph!


Saying Good Bye after Glee!


Going to the Days to get some information for one of my school projects!


Talking over the SPAM Standard with the Days! (Explanation another time XD)


Home at Last!


I finally get hubby to take his shoes and socks off! Aren’t his feet sexy? Ok maybe not, but I truly love this man!


Time for Bed, Good Night!

End of Update.

As you can see I haven’t gotten to see a lot of people to start a conversation with today, so I am writing this blog to start the conversation. Here are a few of my thoughts:

TOMS focuses on a lot on other countries. Talking about Podoconiosis: a disfiguring soil disease, Hookworm: a parasite that causes a lot of maternal and new born deaths, Jiggers: burrowing fleas that cause infections, and Dangerous Debris: 30,000 people live in one landfill in the Philippines.

All of these are scary life threatening issues and need to be brought to the attention of many. Wouldn’t you want to help in any way possible? But my question is what about the children in America without shoes. Why aren’t we trying to help them? Children suffering is Children suffering no matter where they are located.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Please comment below!

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