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Busy Bee in the Kitchen


I got a lot done today while my little one slept in his carrier on Daddy. I did dishes like three maybe even four times today. The last one was the best, because I had my little helper keeping me company, since hubby had left for work.



Isn’t he cute? He really does make my world go around!

Anyways, back to my morning. I made RAW Pad Thai with Kelp Noodles. It sounded so yummy, but I couldn’t get over the texture of the kelp noodles. So ended up eating other food for lunch and dinner. I am going to retry the recipe soon with zucchini noodles instead.


I ate my awesome breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast that my sexy hubby cooked for me. LoL.

I, also, drank my first full Kombacha today. I really liked it. I am hoping to maybe start brewing my own soon. I hung out and asked a few questions on my favorite Facebook group: RAW Food Wild Riot. It is an amazing group of people that is very supportive no matter your level of RAW.

I finished the dehydrating of my spicy kale chips.


I also made batters for a RAW Banana Crepes and RAW Brazilian Nut Banana Pancakes and put them in the dehydrator.


I also had diaper laundry running. That’s right we cloth diaper. I am sure I will post more about that another time.

I wrapped up my morning by packing my husband’s lunch and dinner (He was working evening). Then a settled in for a snuggle with my boy as he fed.

It was a very productive morning followed by an afternoon full of playing and a nice little nap. I love being a mom and taking care of my family.

Other note: Pad Thai with Kelp Noodles was not a complete lost. Hubby enjoyed the flavor, though he did say the texture was different and need to get use to it some.


A Long Time!


Wow! Time has flown! Life happened and I got a little busy with a very big project. This project is so special to me. Can you guess what it was?


Yup, that’s it. I got pregnant and gave birth to that beautiful baby boy. My Squish is the world to me. Squishy is now a little over 6 months old. I am so excited to be a mother.
I have so many other paths to post about. Posts are probably going to be either very short from my phone or long time between longer posts.


Well got to get back to playing with my boy! Check back to learn more about how my pregnancy went, what Squish has been doing, what is cooking and maybe even brewing in the kitchen, plus will I ever get back on skates? I hope so, but we will have to see.

International Women’s Day


I am bad at following holidays that are not national and usually lead to my husband having the day off, so I did not realize that it was International Women’s Day until the day was almost over. I would like to share a few of my views and my ironic day I had today.

First, my ironic story. My story started on Monday night. I got an uncomfortable pain in my lower right abdomen. I have gone off my birth control because I don’t want to be putting chemicals in my body that I don’t know what they are and because my husband and I would like to start trying for a baby, soon. I called my mother to ask if she had ever experienced pain during ovulation, and she said she had. I thought it was normal, so I took a Midol (it was really uncomfortable and I haven’t researched natural pain relievers yet) and went to bed with my heating pad.

The next day, the pain was really bad and I felt sick to my stomach. I texted my mom to see if she was ever nauseous and she said no and that I should go see a doctor. By the time I got home from my class, I was in even more pain and called the Nurse Triage Line that the Navy provides us after clinic hours. The nurse determined that I should go to the ER.

We spent three, almost four, hours in the ER. I was seen by two female nurses and a female doctor. They all thought it was my appendix. They decided to give me a CT Scan. They did a pregnancy test and it came back negative, but I still had questions and was told by one of the nurses that if I was pregnant, then it would have shown up, so I did the CT Scan despite having a bad feeling about it. Later, I asked the doctor who told me that it was possible for me to have a fertilized egg and not show up pregnant because a woman is not considered pregnant until a certain hormone shows up in her blood stream. That made me quite mad because I could have subjected our possible baby to radiation.

The radiation wasn’t actually necessary because the test resulted that my appendix was fine and that I have 2.3cm cyst on my ovary, which is detectable by an ultrasound. I was told by the ER doctor to follow up with an OB-GYN and released. I asked a few questions, but her answers were really vague and left me worrying.

The next morning, I tried to call my Primary Care Provider (Navy Speak for Primary Doctor, though sometimes our primary care providers are Nurse Practitioners), only to find out that my local Navy health clinic was in a state of emergency because their electricity had gone out, which had caused a whole boat-load of other problems. They weren’t giving out referrals for anything other than Urgent Care and I got the run-around a few times. It left me feeling frustrated and even more alienated from my body. I was finally told to call back the next day and they would get me a referral.

Today, I woke up in extreme pain. I could not stand, walk, sit or even lay down. Everything hurt and I felt like I was dying. After a few phone calls trying to get everyone to play nice, I was finally able to schedule an appointment with an OB-GYN.

I had my loving and supportive husband drive me to my appointment. My appointment was with a male doctor, who explained everything to me, and guess what was the final diagnosis. I’m ovulating! Eight years of being on the pill had alienated me from my ovaries so much that I didn’t recognize the pain (in my defense, I was still going through puberty when I was put on the pill, so I didn’t fully understand my body then).  I am one of the few women that experience severe pain during ovulation. Information that, if the ER doctor would have spent a little more time explaining to me, I wouldn’t have been so scared and freaked out (I have a huge fear of the unknown). Now that I know what the pain is, I can bear it a little easier. I know it is somewhat natural and part of the process for me to have a baby someday.

Update: Friday 9-Mar-12 – I am feeling a lot better! I am still a little sore in my right side, but I am able to function now.

Now for two of my views on Women’s Rights:

1. I believe women should have the right to make, on their own, any choices involving procreation. I am for birth control for the reason that birth control is often used to treat a variety of medical conditions involving the female body. I will probably go back on the pill after we have children, just to be functional when I ovulate, until I qualify to get a hysterectomy.  Though I do believe that if a couple is married, the father/husband should be consulted before an abortion is performed.

2. It frustrates me that, with all of the progress that we have made for women’s rights, it is often looked down upon when a woman chooses to stay home and take care of the household, possibly being a mother as well. I am a stay at home wife and I am often looked down upon by many people. I am a Home Consultant for Thirty-One Gifts, but my main priority (when I’m not in pain) is taking care of our home and my husband. I wish, with the progression of women’s rights, we could have the right to choose to stay at home or to go to work without judgment either way.

Well, I hope you enjoyed your International Women’s Day and have a great weekend! Just a heads up… I have started that Derby post, so be looking for it soon!

Geocaching, A Good Friend, and A Problem


GeocachingWhew! I’ve been busy lately. Getting ready for this move is a lot of work, but I got the opportunity to take the day off on Thursday to go to the park with my husband for a command picnic. It was a beautiful day! While at the park, I got to participate in one of my new found addictions: Geocaching!

“What is Geocaching?” you may be asking. Well, “Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using GPS-enabled devices and then share their experiences online.” You can find more information at their website. Hubby and Ally on Geocaching Adventure

I love Geocaching so much. My husband and I started Geocaching on January 1, 2012. I/We have found 10 geocaches thus far. I haven’t gotten to do as many as I would like due to having surgery on both of my big toes and being on limited activity for about a month. Why do I love Geocaching? Well, I get to be outside, I get to use my brain to solve a problem, and who doesn’t love feeling like a secret agent finding a box of treasures and trying to not get caught by “muggles” retrieving the treasure box. The best part is the majority of the time I get to do it with my husband and the pup usually comes along, too. It is a family adventure! I am looking forward to having children and experiencing Geocaching with them!

**Side Note: A Muggle or Muggles are terms used in the Geocache community to refer to a person/people who do not play Geocaching or know what Geocaching is. We must be secretive about retrieving and replacing a geocache, because some muggles will take the whole geocache or steal things out of the geocache. While others are really cool and leave it alone or decide to join the Geocaching community. And yes, this term is borrowed from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series.

*Be sure to hover over the pictures to see the captions*

As I’ve said before I am trying to make wiser decisions in our home. One of which is switching from plastic food storage containers to glass. I’m trying to move all my plastic storage containers to craft supplies instead of food, because I don’t want to waste the money I spent on the plastic containers I’ve already bought by throwing them away or donating them. I feel like I have a lot of good sturdy plastic containers that can help me organize my life outside of the kitchen. I also I am collecting all types of plastic bags to make plarn and I will crochet or knit the plarn into reusable bags for shopping.

But anyways, kind of back on topic, switching my food storage to glass. I’ve been trying to find good bulk glass containers, but all the ones I was finding had to ordered online from Europe (talk about a lot of energy to get it here) or Amazon (they ship using plastic). Please Note: I love Amazon, but in this instance I couldn’t bring myself to purchase and risk more plastic being brought into my home when I am trying to reduce it. I have also found that the Container Store carries all kinds of glass containers, but the nearest one is in Charlotte, NC. Luckily, Hubby and I are planning a trip up there in March to get a new couch and a few more pieces of furniture from Ikea to organize our new home, so I may be able to pick up a few glass containers then.

My Pretty New JarBut here I rambled on and didn’t get to my point. I was at my friend Deb’s home for dinner. I was helping her put things away when I saw this beautiful glass jar sitting empty in her pantry. I asked where she got it. She said she’s had it forever. I told her I was looking for jars like that to store my bulk pantry items and I haven’t been having any luck locating them locally. And guess what! She told me I could have it. I squealed a little! She said it’s been sitting empty for so long that if I could use it, then take it. I was so happy. I have just a little problem; I can’t make up my mind which bulk product to put in it. Packing Boxes

I’ve mentioned before that my husband and I are moving into a new home this week. I’m really, really excited, but I keep having this moral dilemma. I got a bunch of priority mail boxes from a navy wife that was pranked. She didn’t have any use for them, so I am sort of recycling them. My problem is I am using plastic tape to close them. Granted, I had 4-5 rolls of plastic tape before we even decided to move and chose to go down the green path. I’m not about to throw it out/donate it and go buy paper tape. It’s a waste of money and in this economy, we can’t afford to throw money out the window. To lessen the dilemma, I am trying to use as little tape as possible to seal the boxes. I am also thinking about trying to make plarn out of the tape when we are all unpacked. Does anyone else have any ideas of what I can do to reuse or repurpose the plastic tape when we are done, so that I’m not just throwing it away? Is plastic tape recyclable?

Well, I am glad I was able to find some time to write this blog! These ideas have been floating in my head since at least Thursday. I hope you have some good ideas for me. Stay tuned — for my next blog will feature some Roller Derby action!

Hello, Green World!


This is my blog to log my adventures of going Green. You will have a little mix of Roller Derby and Navy Life.


My life as an ecofriendly person started with two different events, but I give a little more credit to the most recent because it’s the one the really spring boarded me into committing to a change.

The first is switching to Organic Milk. I started drinking Organic Milk shortly after seeing Food Inc. and taking some culinary classes. It was also during a time were I was overly focused on losing weight. I started drinking Organic Milk and started to feel better. I wasn’t as sluggish after drinking a glass of milk or eating a bowl of cereal. I also noticed a change in my body (I am sure I will give you more history about my struggle with my weight and food another time). Now that I think about it, maybe it was three events.

The second event put an even stronger hold on my interest. I was taking a healthy baking class. One of the weeks was raw week. We made all kinds of yummy foods. We had a guest chef, who is an owner of local raw food company, come speak to us and show us some recipes. He was very inspiring and left me with a saying that I can’t say without a smile: “It’s an experience that you have to experience to experience”. I felt the best I had felt in a long time after those two days of class. Between the food and the chef, I was hooked. Granted, my husband and I don’t eat a raw or vegan or vegetarian diet. I need a few special tools to make raw food like I want to. Also, my husband and I like our animal products sparingly. We try to alternate between a meatless meal and chicken/seafood meal. Our meals usually last us about 2 days, 2 lunches and 2 dinners. We hardly ever have red meat, though we do still have it when we get a craving for it. I try to base a lot of our meals from a vegan book I got for Christmas and occasionally will add meat to the recipe or will use organic cheese instead of a vegan cheese sauce or organic butter instead of vegan margarine.

The third and springboard event was when a navy wife, that I would like to consider a friend now, posted on her Facebook page about being a hippie and taking care of her child in natural ways. Calling herself a hippie really sparked my interests, so I private messaged her asking her to clarify what she meant by calling herself a hippie. I had also seen other posts from her about other natural and healthy things, so I asked a few more questions in that message. And she replied with all kinds of answers that got my brain moving. I guess it was a little more than three… It was a whole series of events. In conjunction to this, a high school classmate posted a link to Offbeat Home. I started reading posts on there and found one about reducing plastic and it got me thinking even more and really set me on my path to doing research and finding blogs.

What is next? The Plan!

During this time, my husband and I have decided to move out of our 3bedroom/2bath apartment into a 3bedroom/2bath, 200sqft bigger house. Our current living environment is very stressful for both him and me. Just to name one: Our kitchen isn’t laid out very well, so we can’t be in there together without having to crawl over each other. I’m surprise one of us hasn’t been burnt or stabbed or cut. We get our keys to our new home on the first and so on 1-Feb-12 start a whole new chapter for my husband and I. I have a lot of plans:

  • Take as little hazardous/harsh chemicals to the new house
  • De-clutter our home through better organizing and getting rid of things we don’t use
  • Make my own cleaning supplies
  • Make my own beauty products
  • Start worm composting
  • Start growing my own herbs
  • Maybe start a garden
  • Make time for my crafts and reuse a lot of our waste
  • Watch less TV (We are canceling our Cable subscription and only watching certain shows online or Netflix)
  • Make a plan for each day and structure my days
  • Now that I’m healed (long story) get back to working out and back to skating at least twice a week.
  • Try to be more focused and more proactive in my Thirty-One business
  • Be outside more or at least have the windows open
  • Plan my trips out better – to reduce driving my car as much
  • Get use to recycling again – I am really excited about this!
  • Make our home a calm relaxing place for both of us to de-stress!

That’s just the beginning of the plan, check back soon to see how things are going.