Busy Day!


I sit here in my chair in Squishy’s play room. We lost track of time and took a late nap. He woke enough for me put him on the boob. He ate and then passed again.


I think he is out for the count. Dang it! LoL. He isn’t in his fitted and wool cover, long sleeve onesie, or sleep sack…. Wait hold that thought he might be stirring. … maybe? … Dang it, I have to pee.

I am going to try something new for my own sake. A list of what I am thankful for :
– My awesome husband
– My sweet Squish
– Being able to breast feed my son
– My husband’s job
– Being able to be a stay at home mom
– Money to afford organic fresh foods
– The knowledge to make healthy meals for my family
– My Vita mix and Excalibur
– This beautiful home
– Not having to move for three years
– I am alive
– My health
– My creativity
– That my husband still isn’t on sea duty
– My best friend Stephanie S.
– My other friends scattered across the world
– My cat and dog
– My car
– I got the beautiful natural birth that I wanted and I ROCKED IT!!!
– I have AC

OK … the urge to pee has become too much. Time to risk waking the Squish.


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