One Day Without Shoes


Today, TOMS shoes is putting on One Day Without Shoes. I found out about the event from Kanelstrand.

What is One Day Without Shoes?

“The day we spread awareness of the impact a pair of shoes can have on a child’s life by taking off our own. Why? Millions of children live without proper footwear, exposing them to injury and disease every day.”

I made a T-shirt late last night! Using some of the slogans from and I traced my bare feet!


“One Day Without Shoes”


“Go Without Shoes So Kids Don’t Have To!”

So, today I am not wearing shoes at all!

I walked my dog this morning without shoes and stepped on some nettles. Sad smile

I have not been home since 11:00am this morning all without shoes. I have gone to appointments, class, a warehouse and my friend’s house. I have even drove illegally (It’s against the law to drive without shoes on). Why would I do this? Because a lot of children are at risk of diseases, all because they do not have shoes.

Here is my day without shoes:


Preparing to go out into the world!


Locking up before leaving my home!


Getting into my car!


Waiting at the doctors office!


During my appointment!


At my friend’s house before class!


In the warehouse parking lot!


At school!


At my friend’s house after class waiting for Dinner and Glee to start!

My day is only part of the way done, so check back for an update of photos for the rest of my day!



Sneak Attack from Steph!


My Hubby and I finally see each other after a long day!


But I was still spending time with Steph!


Saying Good Bye after Glee!


Going to the Days to get some information for one of my school projects!


Talking over the SPAM Standard with the Days! (Explanation another time XD)


Home at Last!


I finally get hubby to take his shoes and socks off! Aren’t his feet sexy? Ok maybe not, but I truly love this man!


Time for Bed, Good Night!

End of Update.

As you can see I haven’t gotten to see a lot of people to start a conversation with today, so I am writing this blog to start the conversation. Here are a few of my thoughts:

TOMS focuses on a lot on other countries. Talking about Podoconiosis: a disfiguring soil disease, Hookworm: a parasite that causes a lot of maternal and new born deaths, Jiggers: burrowing fleas that cause infections, and Dangerous Debris: 30,000 people live in one landfill in the Philippines.

All of these are scary life threatening issues and need to be brought to the attention of many. Wouldn’t you want to help in any way possible? But my question is what about the children in America without shoes. Why aren’t we trying to help them? Children suffering is Children suffering no matter where they are located.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Please comment below!

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